They say that no place in Greece can boast more about its beaches, than Halkidiki. This region, among locals, is known for its amazing deep blue waters and its vast, unspoiled, natural beauty.

Pefkochori is the best place to start your summer adventure in Halkidiki.

In this article you will find out:

  • the convenient location of Pefkohori
  • the best things to do in and around Pefkohori
  • the best time to visit Halkidiki
  • and how to safely get there


Where is Pefkohori located?

For the people of Northern Greece, Chalkidiki is considered to be one of the best destinations to spend their summer holidays.

Divided into three peninsulas, Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, it offers magnificent natural surroundings, long and sandy beaches, many sightseeing options, culinary wonders, and, of course, unforgettable nightlife experiences.

Pefkochori is conveniently situated at the south end of the Kassandra peninsula.


Divided by the main road, it is characterised by narrow streets, an old square that takes you back in time, lovely shops, cafes and traditional restaurants (taverns in Greek) by the sea.

It is no surprise why it has become so popular, attracting thousands of visitors every year – students, groups of friends, couples and families.

Fun fact: Pefkochori means “Pine Tree Village”. Its lush vegetation, mostly with pine trees, fully justifies the name, while its exceptional climate and the lovely seaside area make it an ecologist’s paradise. 


Activities & best things to do in Pefkohori

Being one of the most developed areas of Chalkidiki, Pefkochori has all the prerequisites for a relaxing vacation. Just read some of the top things to do and enjoy it to its full potential.

Relax by the beach

No holiday in Greece is complete without spending some days at the beach.

Pefkochori has many organised beaches where you can enjoy your refreshment along with crystal clear waters. 

Fancy walking along the vast coastline?

Then you will surely be amazed by the majority of options and beauties that you will discover. If you find yourself sitting or walking as the sun is setting down, take a moment to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. 

But, one of the reasons why Pefkochori has made a name of itself, is the number of beach bars spread all over the area. Sun-beds with small tables and modern umbrellas under which people enjoy their coffee, juices or even snacks are some typical images of Pefkochori.

Party hint: When the sun goes down, Pefkochori’s beach bars organise themed parties by the sea until early in the morning. Elephant beach bar is undoubtedly one of the best to visit and enjoy your cocktail(s).


Be adventurous and try water sports

Pefkohori’s natural environment is not only ideal for relaxing and casual activities. Many visitors want to experience a dose of adrenaline and here they can find it.

Ever tried scuba diving or other water sports?

If not, then Pefkochori is the best place for sea activities that can offer some stimulating funtime. 

There are several modern and well-equipped facilities at a close distance from Pefkochori allowing you to try all kinds of water sports.

There is a range of intriguing water sports that will amaze you, such as water-ski, wakeboard and parasailing. Alternatively, if you are traveling with your family, you can even try tubes, canoe-kayaking, and banana. 

Safety Tip: Look only for certified diving centres. An underwater tour of Toroneos Gulf and its lively marine life will certainly leave you speechless!


Taste the famous Greek traditional cuisine

Throughout Greece, the northern part of the country is known for its great cuisine. Especially in Pefkochori, as far as food is concerned, you will find many choices to ease your hunger.

With a long culinary tradition and products grown locally under the sun, any Greek delicacy you’ll try is guaranteed to taste delicious!

Local bread and pies, delightful meat dishes, homemade cheese, refreshing wine and seafood combined with a glass of ouzo, are the key to success for a memorable summer vacation.

Many restaurants in Pefkochori offer delicious traditional meals like moussakatzatzikisouvlaki, or even gyros, the most well-known Greek street food.

Also, you have plenty of choices for pizza made from fresh vegetables and local ingredients. 

Tasty tip: Some of them can be found in front of the sea, with panoramic views of Toroneos Gulf. Better get there early to enjoy the sunset unobstructed!


Spend each night somewhere different

You can’t say you have seen Greece without getting a glimpse of Chalkidiki’s summer nightlife. Undeniably, the best place to fully appreciate it is Pefkohori.

Discover many lively bars to enjoy classic or local cocktails, a glass of beer (local microbreweries are thriving in Greece), or one of the many world-famous wine etiquettes available.

Bars with unique decoration, open-air spaces and terraces near or over the sea are available on the seaside next to the village’s centre.

Why not shake your body to the latest hits?

Pefkochori has clubs that organise great parties with famous DJs and offer unforgettable nights. People of any age gather there and dance to the music until early in the morning. That is what we call real Greek frantic fun!


Indulge at the Spa in Loutra 

Not far from Pefkochori, you can find the famous thermal spa of Agia Paraskevi with its healing waters.

Just 15 minutes away, lies the opportunity to escape completely from your everyday routine. Within a beautiful environment with swimming pools, saunas, hammam, and hydromassage, anyone can get the treatment needed for healing and rejuvenation

Treat yourself to a spa day at the famous thermal spa, where the water temperatures in one of the pools can reach up to 39 degrees.

In addition, you can try massage programs that will help you relax from the daily tension and exhaustion. It is definitely worth your time, as you will leave feeling completely refreshed.


When is the best time to visit Pefkochori?

Although Pefkochori and the rest of Chalkidiki are lovely during wintertime too, it’s mainly a destination for your summer holidays.

Most of the visitors arrive in Pefkochori during early summer while most resorts, restaurants, and shops open when spring is almost over (mid-May). 

Avoiding the crowds: The best season to visit, provided that you want to avoid the crowds is late May, early June and early September.

The peak season is usually during July and August when most of the tourists arrive in Pefkochori for their summer vacation. Many of them might stay until early autumn when the majority starts leaving the village.

Local tip: Prices are higher during August. That includes accommodation, beach bars, car rentals, water sports etc.



How to get to Pefkohori 

In order to reach Pefkochori, you have to arrive at the airport in Thessaloniki. Many flights connect the city to other countries.

Once you have arrived, you can get public transport to Chalkidiki’s regional bus station and then catch the bus line to Pefkochori. It usually runs from early in the morning until late at night.

Peace-of-mind tip: If you want to avoid the hassle, you can rent a car. Booking your transfer online before your trip means you can travel to your accommodation stress-free. Moreover, it will make the whole travel process considerably easier and quicker, as you will never have to wait for the next bus to be there on time or worry to find a seat.


Is Halkidiki safe to travel? 

Pefkochori and Chalkidiki, in general, are some of the safest places in Greece and Europe.

The possibilities to get hurt are extremely low compared to those of getting sunburns. 

As of the current (April 2021) situation with COVID-19:

  • The use of face masks is mandatory both indoors and outdoors
  • Citizens are encouraged to apply physical distance rules
  • Usage of public transport (ferries, boats, sea taxis) and taxis requires you to wear a face mask


The verdict: Is Pefkohori worth visiting?

Pefkochori can cover the needs of any visitor, even for the most demanding tourists.

For those looking for a lively town or those who want a peaceful and relaxing vacation, the “Pine Tree Village” provides all the possibilities for unforgettable and eventful holidays

From extraordinary beach bars to traditional restaurants and numerous relaxing options to extreme sports, Pefkohori is a unique travel destination.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit Greece this summer look further than Chalkidiki and Pefkochori!

Book your dream vacations in Pefkochori and create the best memories with your friends, your loved ones, or your family.


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