Deep into an amazing blend of lush forests, golden sand and blue waters, Halkidiki is ideal not only for relaxing but also for water sports!

Many resorts have water-sport facilities that can satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts.

The only thing needed is the adventurous spirit to make your vacation an unprecedented experience!

Now, let’s see all the water sports that you can try in Halkidiki, either by yourself or even enjoy with friends!


#1 Get your blood flowing with a Jet Ski

If you are looking for something intriguing that will spice up your summer holiday with a dose of adrenaline, choose to ride a jet ski.

The unique feeling of wandering the sea at full speed cannot compare with anything!

Whether you’ve got some family fun or friendly rivalry on your mind, Jet Ski is a great way to bring everyone together.

Fun Fact:  Just 30 minutes of Jet Skiing a day can improve your endurance massively.

Where to try Jet Ski: Skim over the water and enjoy the amazing view with Bigwake water-sports  

#2 Get connected to nature with a windsurf

You might have come to Chalkidiki to relax. But if there's one sport where you leave your troubles on the shore, that’s windsurfing.

When you choose windsurfing, you come across a one-of-a-kind experience. And that’s why the sea is never the same as the surroundings change day by day.

It surely demands total body engagement and multi-tasking, but if the idea of a gym workout makes you feel claustrophobic, then this sport is for you!

Tip: Don’t be hard on yourself the first time. Windsurfing is hard to learn but once you’ve nailed the basics the sport is endless. 

Where to try WindsurfingCatch the waves with SEAVERY!


#3 Get in shape and tone up your body with a wakeboard

Do you want something more exciting than the aforementioned? Wakeboarding is not just fun weekend activity, but quite beneficial for your body.

See, it's actually a great calorie burner, great for your arms and legs, as it improves their flexibility and versatility, while it is an excellent way of taking your mind off everything.

The adrenaline alone suffices to relieve a wake-boarder from the stresses of day-to-day life.

Your vacation is the best time for it!

Tip: Be careful if you have problems with your head since when plunged into the sea, the greatest impact is always on the head.

Where to try WakeboardingDiscover with Bigwake the amazing world of the wakeboard!


#4 Try a relaxing ride with a kayak

Less adventurous but surely much entertaining!

Canoe – Kayaking could be a route to well-being for you, as well as a mean to strengthen bonds with family and friends. As a sport, it is very accessible and is great for kids and adults alike. Moreover, it's a fun way to explore while keeping your arms and heart pumping.

Hint: If it is your first time, seek qualified instruction to learn proper paddling techniques, water safety, and basic first aid. You will enjoy the sport even more!

Where to try Canoe - Kayaking: Create memorable family moments with Sea Abacus


#5 Pedal Boating is the funniest way to exercise

Have you tried bicycling before?

If yes, then pedal boating will be much fun for you. Take a friend with you and “cruise” along with the sun. As the peninsula of Chalkidiki offers so many places to visit, exploration at a slow pace would be particularly rewarding.

Fact: You can find many water sports centres with small boats for pedal boating. The only thing needed is to be in the mood.

Where to try Pedal Boating: Have fun on a Bigwave pedalo boat!


#6 Scuba Diving will change your life!

Take the chance and try diving for the first time!

Explore the magnificent marine life of Chalkidiki in an experience worth remembering for the rest of your life! There are many certified diving centres that will assist you to take an underwater tour and create a unique memory.

Experience the rich seabed with a variety of species and marine organisms in the crystal-clear water and feel like part of the life underwater.

Hint: You can also get the chance to obtain a certificate if you wish. However, if you are a beginner there is always the opportunity to be trained in the diving process.

Where to try Scuba Diving: Live the exhilarating experience of Scuba Diving with Triton


Of course, the list of attractive water sports available doesn’t end with these. Find out more here!

Our apartment is conveniently located next to one of the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki, where many water sports activities are available.

The activities and things you can do in Pefkohori and throughout the peninsula of Halkidiki could promise unforgettable moments of fun!




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