Pefkohori might be best-known for its idyllic location and breathtaking beaches but it also boasts one of the best nightlife and bar scenes in Halkidiki

From intimate garden bars to chic cocktail bars and romantic seaside getaways to vivid night clubs, Pefkochori has the perfect mix.

So, put on your party shoes and brace yourself for a long night!

In this Pefkohori nightlife survival guide, we will guide you through the many options to:

  • enjoy your drink or cocktail
  • party until early in the morning
  • relax with your significant other by the sea


Best nightlife options in and around Pefkochori

Pefkochori is one of the best nightlife destinations in Kassandra, Chalkidiki.

After you are done sunbathing or exploring the region, you just getting started! As the sun goes down, visitors start wandering around Pefkochori to enjoy the night.

As you are strolling around the streets and the seaside of this popular resort, many nightlife opportunities will pop up.

If you don’t satisfy yourself with anything less than the very best, visit the Orca Bar Club, Sushi Club, Kavo Paradiso and Mamos.

Discover this gem of Halkidiki through our recommendations that can guarantee unique and unforgettable long-lasting nights.

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Menta Taste & Cocktails

Not far away from the centre, you’ll come across the all-day coffee bar Menta.

With a magnificent view over the beautiful blue sea, you can enjoy your coffee and delicious dishes during the day and authentic cocktails in the evening.

 Best for: couples, families, or groups looking for relaxing moments


Mamos Café

One of the best places in Pefkochori to enjoy a cup of coffee and a sunny day.

lovely and relaxing place to get with your friends or partner and try some of the signature cocktails, at reasonable prices. You may come across some live events with bands, so make sure you don’t miss them out!

 Best for: groups that want something alternative


Shenanigans Irish Bar & Grill

Who would imagine that you can get a taste of Irish culture in Greece?

Shenanigans is a cosy and friendly pub, ideal for visitors who want to try something different without having to fly over to Ireland.

Try their English Back Bacon and English Sausages, Kerrygold Irish Cheddar, as well as Guinness and Kilkenny on draught and many other bottled beers, wines, and spirits.

Feel free to join their Quiz and Dart Nights for a change!

Best for: anyone who wants something different from clubbing


Veranda Cocktail Bar

Part of the luxurious Magdalena Hotel, Veranda is perfect for a frozen Mojito and other legendary cocktails.

You will be amazed by its unique decoration that reminds you of a Caribbean bar... but in Chalkidiki!

Try its food menu where each option is designed with a special pairing in mind, compounding the idea that the humble burger can be as refined as you make it.

 Best for: couples and families


Kavo Paradiso Seaside Bar

Known for its crazy parties, Kavo Paradiso is another must in Pefkochori.

Youngsters gather here to dance to the latest hits and drink until early in the morning. There are also many live events taking place attracting many visitors.

Best for: groups who want to party


Orca Cocktail Bar – Club

An all-day cafe bar that also offers one of the best nightlife experiences in Pefkochori, Halkidiki.

Visit its comfy and welcoming place decorated with white furniture that reminds the Aegean Islands and taste signature cocktails at a good price. If you fancy listening to the latest Greek hits, this is the place for you.

Best for: couples or groups who are looking for a place to dance


Pefkohori is more than meets the eye, especially after the sun goes down. Parties start on the beach, during the daytime and carry on all night.

We highly recommend that you experience the vibrant nightlife of Pefkohori while you are in the region at least once and… dance the night away!

Driving yourself home after a long night out can be exhausting. That’s why our apartment is right where the action happens, just a few minutes on foot from the village centre!




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