Chalkidiki is a unique travel destination with outstanding beaches, natural wonders, historical monuments, and colourful villages.

Some of them can be reached by public transportation, but the bus may not be able to satisfy your wanderlust.

If you wish to vary the program of your trip and avoid all factors that might limit your freedom and wills, you have to rent a car in Chalkidiki.


Do you need a car in Halkidiki?

If you are visiting Halkidiki on a budget, it might seem like a luxury. But a rental car is more than a necessity. Imagine how many places you could reach and how much time walking you could save from your program.

A car will advance your vacation. Here are some of the basic reasons.

  • First and foremost, comfort!

    You travel to a faraway place to enjoy life with no worries. A car could transfer you and your destination fast and comfortably. The only thing needed is to choose a rental car that will meet all your standards.

  • A car gives you a sense of independence

    No need to hurry to catch the early (and probably the only) bus to the beach you want to visit. With a car hire in Chalkidiki, you will have more time to spend planning the best route to your site.

  • More options of transport

    Buses can take you to specific places, but others are more secluded and difficult to reach. A rental car makes it possible to see unexplored places. And with fewer tourists getting in your way.

  • Cost – efficiency… Obviously

    You might have thought that taking a taxi once or twice will be a better way to reach your preferable site. But what if you might need it for more? It is no surprise that the cost of an excursion across Chalkidiki might exceed the cost of a car rental for only two days. Think about it!


Is driving in Halkidiki safe?

The roads are fine and well signed but there are some things you should watch out for. Now, let’s see some basic driving rules in Greece. Find out what you should keep an eye on.

  • Always pay attention to the road signs. Especially those showing wild animals that pass often from there. You are going to spend some time in nature, but surely you don’t want to hit a deer or a fox.
  • Don’t drink & drive.Similarly, to any European country, being drunk and getting behind the steering wheel is prohibited. For your and others’ safety.
  • Drive to the left.If you are coming from countries like the United Kingdom, Japan, or Australia, you might get confused with Greece’s driving style. Always drive on the left side.
  • Better rent before arrival. You will be less anxious, and you could find more and cheaper options to choose from.
  • Do not worry about parking. It is not difficult to find a free space to park your car. Many hotels and apartments have their own parking lots at your service.
  • Pay attention to the speed limit.There are police officers almost anywhere waiting to catch the next “Lewis Hamilton'' of Chalkidiki.
  • There are many gas stations.Often, you might find signs showing where you could find the next Shell or BP to refill your tank. Most of them are open from 7 am to 7 pm.


What documents do you need to drive in Greece?

Driving laws vary from country to country and the same stands for Greece. You surely don’t want to arrive at the airport only to find out you need more documents for your verification. So, in order to not be out of luck and end your asphalt adventure before it begins, here some of the most important things you need to have with you:

  • Proof of ID (passport)
  • Full, Valid Driving Licence (for at least one year)
  • Must be older than 21 years old (might be older in some cases)
  • If you are not an EU citizen, you will need an international driver’s permit (IDP) issued with you as well.


How to select the best car for you?

Choosing the best vehicle for your holidays doesn’t need to be a headache. There are only 3 things you need to consider before making your selection that will guarantee an amazing road trip.

  • Size: Booking with your partner won’t be a problem, as a two-seat car is enough for you. However, if you are going on a family holiday, make sure your hire car has enough seats and space for everyone so that you will be comfortable.
  • Boot: If you want to have much space to stretch your legs and your body, having your luggage on your lap is surely not an option. So, consider how much boot space you are going to need and that will fit any suitcase and backpack.
  • Fuel Economy: Even though the idea of hitting the open road in an Audi Cabrio is undoubtedly tempting, you might keep in mind the budget you have. For sure, blowing on fuel is not ideal. Better check a preferred type of car that won’t break the bank, cutting off your food or other expenses.


Which are the best car hire companies in Halkidiki?

Do you want the best options available to rent a car?

Then, have a look at our recommendations in car rental businesses that you can find in Pefkohori, Kassandra, and explore Chalkidiki in safety!

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Is it worth renting a car in Chalkidiki?

There is no doubt about it. With a car you can enjoy your sightseeing trips and avoid the hassle of local transport. Rent a vehicle for your holidays to hit the road in comfort!

Our apartment is conveniently located next to many car rental companies that you can hire a car and explore the region's beauty.


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